About Us


Diversci is a collective of science engagement professionals advocating to push inclusion, equity, diversity and social justice to the top of the strategic agendas of science engagement organisations so that we no longer fail an important part of our audiences and our co-workers. We aim to harvest the collective experiences, efforts and commitment within our network and beyond. Our group is a self-organised, bottom-up initiative that started after the European science centre and science museum conference (Ecsite) in 2016, following a challenging keynote speech by Liz Rasekoala. In 2019 it was awarded a collaborative grant by Ecsite. Since then, it has supported institutions and individuals driving such changes by providing: structured and specific resources, community and capacity building and advocacy.

We do not claim to have all the answers, and we know this work takes a lot of effort and is never complete. We do, however, share a lot of experience and are honest and committed to inspiring individuals and institutions. We invite them, and you, to join this movement for social justice.


  • To provide criteria to evaluate the status quo, progression and subsequent development towards an institution that embeds equitable practice across all organisational areas.
  • To support leadership and staff in initiating the processes of change in organisational cultures and the employment of best practice across equity, diversity and inclusivity.
  • To promote practices that nurture an organisation-wide culture of equity, diversity and inclusivity.
  • To promote this culture through strategy implementation, content and activities development, partnership searches, staff involvement and access provision.

Mission statement

  • We are taking a stand and together we are creating new structures in science centres and science museums. These structures enable the participation of all people, regardless of their background.
  • We believe that science is about and for everyone and therefore everyone should be able to access it.
  • We believe that equity, diversity and inclusion are values that should be a part of every organisation. They allow both individual and collective development in a fair, balanced and beneficial way.
  • We believe in continuously reflective and transparent practices to avoid perpetuating inequalities. We maintain our accountability. We want to implement deep and sustainable approaches.
  • We hope to inspire others beyond our own field, and hope that our institutions become examples of inclusive spaces for all.

Who contributed to this website

Website development team:

Barbara Streicher

ScienceCenter-Network, Austria INITIATOR / CONTENT CREATOR

Sanne den Adel

VSC Network, The Netherlands initiator / content creator

Vanessa Mignan Jenkins

Independent, France and Croatia INITIATOR / CONTENT CREATOR

Amparo Leyman Pino


Cristina Veiga-Pires

Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve, Portugal initiator / content creator

Shaaron Leverment


Alexia Sonnois


David Jones

Life Science Centre, United Kingdom INITIATOR / CONTENT CREATOR

Antonia Caola


Abi Ashton

Royal Observatory Edinburgh, STFC, United Kingdom CONTENT CREATOR

Colleen Schmitz

BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern, Germany CONTENT CREATOR

Fiona Slater

Science Museum Group, United Kingdom CONTENT CREATOR

Jen DeWitt

Self-employed, United Kingdom CONTENT CREATOR

Kathrin Kösters

Futurium, Germany CONTENT CREATOR

A special thank you to:

Elizabeth Rasekoala

Africa Gong, South Africa

Emily Dawson

UCL, United Kingdom

Lewis Hou

Science Ceilidh, Scotland

James Bell

CAISE, United States

We want to thank all our colleagues who shared our journey, including:

Hanouf al-Alawi

Bärbel Auffermann

Mohammed Belhorma

CJ Bishop

Marie-Agnès Bernardis

Jo Bryant

Nicole Bullock

Samuela Caliari

Hava Contini

Emma Dunmore

Sarah Durcan

Emily Fisk

Nikita Gerritsen

Alberta Giovannini

Luis Goncalves

Mairead Hurley

Sheena Laursen

Sarah Lloyd

Joana Lobo Antunes

Georgia Mallin

Matteo Merzagora

Andrea Motto

Aisling Murray

Maarten Okkersen

Iris Ott

Kristina Pecia

Ana Ramos

Emanuel Reis

Lorenzo Rizzardi

Gillian Roddie

Janet Stott

Femke van Drongelen

Meie van Laar

Maria Vlachou

Paul Voogt

Silvio Wey

Melanie Wunsch